Facing Breast Cancer Together

eirenicon is pleased announce that the Facing Breast Cancer Together web site has been revised, revitalized and updated.

Please stop by and visit our newest web site. We hope that this site is able to provide useful information to all those afflicted and impacted by breast cancer.

eirenicon Xoops Support discontinued

Effective 21 March 2008, eirenicon llc. no longer supports any eirenicon developed XOOPS or XOOPS-related products.

Our commitment to the XOOPS community formally ended in April of 2007.

Although all of our products remain in the open source realm, they will no longer be available through eirenicon. We hope that those who choose to use our themes, etc. continue to enjoy them and develop them further.

Open Source

Helpful Open Source Software

Open Source Software

Amazing sources of Free / Open Source Software (These are ordered by my preference scheme; 1=best.)

  1. Sourceforge.net
  2. Dynamic Drive
  4. Freshmeat.net
  5. Hotscripts.com
  6. Scriptsearch.com



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