Our Mission

eirenicon l.l.c. is a small consulting firm focused on helping individuals, organizations, and businesses develop and achieve their personal and professional objectives

We strongly believe that peoples and organizations the world over deserve the highest quality assistance in building a successful and prosperous future. In order to achieve these objectives, eirenicon l.l.c. has formed numerous consulting mechanisms and venues. Our areas of business focus emphasize the effective deployment of engineering technologies (esp. software), research, effective design, and process improvement techniques. To that end we help organizations and clients with:

  • the effective development of global Internet presence for their organizations, ideas, and communications;
  • improvement of their engineering and professional business development processes via Six Sigma and CMMI consulting, tooling and infrastructure; as well as,
  • personal discovery and growth through genealogy and family history research.

We welcome your comments and questions.

..Mark & Becky Rabideau

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